Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spolit at Christmas and New Year BIG Ideas

Hey there!

I got totally spoilt at Christmas. And we bought an iPad. iTastic. Ha!

Here are a few of the things I got:

What did you get under your tree?

For 2011 I have big plans:

1st: This week I am re-designing my website and branding. As a designer I think it is easy to overlook and overthink your style but I think this time I need to change it! It looks lush at the moment...

2nd: New fairs: I am hoping to broaden my fair horizons with weddings and of course, more craft markets!

3rd: I am going to learn my new skills, and put them to good use. Can't wait!

4th: Puppy. Yes. This is the year I get my puppy. After I worked out how to balance the work/home deal I worked out I can finally have a dog. We are very excited, young pup should be along in March-ish

5th: Health. Its 16 months til our own wedding and we want to use this time to get fit and eat better. I am not cutting out anything in particular just control! 

6th: 30. Its less than six months until my birthday. I am excited although I am not doing anything really!

7th: House: I have some plans to make the house over a bit, just small things and a lot in the garden for pup.

Have you made a things to do in 2011 list? Its good to have plans, no matter how tiny. My new FiloFax is essential in this! Love it!!

x i am magpie x

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