Friday, 28 January 2011

Graze snack box

It came through my letter box like a hero in the afternoon. 4 little sections each dedicated to my stomach at this fragile lunch time.

The Beach contains bananas, mango and pineapple. Naked goodness seeds are lush. Copacabana is brazil nuts and chocolate and the lost army oriental crackers.

Now go away and leave me to graze.

x i am magpie x

 ps i advise you go to immediately and order your own.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spolit at Christmas and New Year BIG Ideas

Hey there!

I got totally spoilt at Christmas. And we bought an iPad. iTastic. Ha!

Here are a few of the things I got:

What did you get under your tree?

For 2011 I have big plans:

1st: This week I am re-designing my website and branding. As a designer I think it is easy to overlook and overthink your style but I think this time I need to change it! It looks lush at the moment...

2nd: New fairs: I am hoping to broaden my fair horizons with weddings and of course, more craft markets!

3rd: I am going to learn my new skills, and put them to good use. Can't wait!

4th: Puppy. Yes. This is the year I get my puppy. After I worked out how to balance the work/home deal I worked out I can finally have a dog. We are very excited, young pup should be along in March-ish

5th: Health. Its 16 months til our own wedding and we want to use this time to get fit and eat better. I am not cutting out anything in particular just control! 

6th: 30. Its less than six months until my birthday. I am excited although I am not doing anything really!

7th: House: I have some plans to make the house over a bit, just small things and a lot in the garden for pup.

Have you made a things to do in 2011 list? Its good to have plans, no matter how tiny. My new FiloFax is essential in this! Love it!!

x i am magpie x