Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What I love about winter...

It's a bit nippy out, right? But this is good. I get to hide inside with T and make things. That's right folks, winter is here! Hooray I say. Here's my top 6 things I heart about winter:

1. My fiance-beyonce (Toby, not actually beyonce)
Toby is awesome at this time of year, always the firhst to suggest pulling out the sofa bed and getting down the duvet. Always the first to suggest cooking a curry or a soup or something warm. Always waking me up a little later than he should so the heating has time to warm up. And always getting me the best xmas gifties ever.

2. Planning & Writing
It's the start of a new year and that means my planning goes into overdrive. I can always rely on Tobes to get me a note book or two at Xmas - which is good as the rest of mine are pretty full by now. There's nothing I like more than a new notebook and a new idea. Writing comes easier in the Winter. The stillness and the low light. I think thats why.

3. Baking & Making
We hand make all our xmas gifts, this is the 3rd xmas we've done it. Not to each other, just to friends and family. We plan what we're making and Tobes puts aside some time in his busy work schedule to get a bit messy and make some food and cakes. This year we have a whole heap of new things to try. I'm dead excited!

4. Long nights & Sky premier!
You can always rely on winter for some good premiers. Last week we had Zombieland and 2012 amoungst the pile on our planner. I love a good disaster movie. Love it. 2012 is one of the best! Zombieland is amazing, not the american Shawn of the Dead, an entity in its own right. We also watched another film with Chris Pine (the new Captain Kirk) about a zombie-esque infection, it was a bit pap but made me want to watch better versions like 28 days later!

5. Christmas morning
We get up early, have stockings in bed, have a big brekkie and then open gifts. We usually stay in our PJ's for as much of the day as possible. Its the day for family and right now we are a family of two. I count brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers as extended family and love them all the same but me and toby are family and until that grows he's all I need for christmas.

6. Our anniversary
January 4th 2006, me a bit drunk, him a bit sober. Cold night, long chat outside the old Norwich Union building. We decide to give it a shot. Never has a better decision been made.

Happy winter everyone, hope you have your own list of reasons to love the season of loving.
x i am magpie x

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