Thursday, 1 July 2010

its my birthday...

My I am Magpie earrings from Tatty Devine

 My lovely traditional pen which I will use to make some new awesome creations

 My glowing daschund lamp which full on rocks

Only one year left of my twenties. T & others got me some brill gifts (see above). 
Feel a bit depressed though - not sure why!
What do I want to accomplish this year is:
Well I'd really like I am Magpie to accelerate and I'd like all my ideas to come to pass. 
I would like a dog, we have contacted a breeder and fingers x'd we will get our baby in the early months of next year.  
I would like to move. I want to get to out of this city and closer to fields and sea and stuff. I want T to get a promotion too so I can focus on my work. And my puppy. 


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